Customs Brokerage services

Our proved full-service customs brokerage and international trade experience combined with dedicated and certified customs specialists will turn to when you want a single and trusted source for your customs clearance needs. Presence of customs broker license allows us to render whole range of customs clearance services in any customs mode: export, import and transit. In order to lighten the load of administrative work for our customers the DUNYO CARGO has an in-house customs department!! We take care of all customs related tasks. Our clients greatly appreciate the efficiency and speed of this service.

  • Selection of all the necessary documents and assistance in their preparation
  • Commodity classification code (HS code) identification under the Foreign Trade Commodity Classification
  • Calculation of customs payments and payment arrangements
  • Declaration of goods, preparation of Customs Declaration Form
  • Presenting your documents to customs officials
  • Receiving permission documents (certificates, licences,..etc)

In the present our company is offering the customs brokerage services in the 2 regions which are linked with corresponding customs authorities:

  • Dushanbe regional customs department
  • SOGD regional customs department